Lesley Glenn

Co-founder, advocate and the metastatic stage IV voice for the MakeMoves.fit, Annual Climb for a Cure.

Diagnosed with early stage IIB breast cancer in  2012, and then incurable, stage IV metastatic breast cancer with disease to her bones, in May of 2013, Lesley  has not let her cancer determine her life’s path.  Lesley and her husband of 29 years live in Southern Oregon.  She loves the outdoors, vegetables of every kind and her two rescue pups.  Lesley has been an advocate within the metastatic breast cancer community for over 5 years, and was  awarded the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Volunteer Leadership Award in the fall of 2018.  She has written for numerous publications , featured in national magazines, and has also had the opportunity to speak for national campaigns on new treatments for stage IV metastatic breast cancer.  She is also a peer reviewer for  research grants.

Passion, motivation and my personal experience of living with the disease, drive her desire to partner with communities and organizations,  in aiding the funding of research for a cure, bringing awareness to the overlooked stage of breast cancer and bringing support to those who live daily with MBC.

Follow her on instagram @LesleyKailani
Twitter @LesleyKailani
Blog: www.livingauthenticallylesley.com
Contact her: lesley@climbforacure.net

For more information about metastatic breast cancer or  if you need support and resources, please visit and/or contact the following the organizations:

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